Maximal Minimalism: Music and Works by Julius Eastman and Robert Ashley
3 Dots Downtown and the Bremen Town Ballroom, February 2023

(photos by SAW Photography)

The Bakkhai
State Theatre Attic and Bremen Town Ballroom, December 2022

The Music of Joshua Abrams and Pauline Oliveros
State Theatre Attic, November 2022

Vaporwave Lounge
Centre Hall, PA, September 2022

Rhoneymeade Fest
Centre Hall, PA, June 2022

3 Dots
State College, December 2021

Extradimensional Spacestation 2071
Centre Hall, October, 2021

Lederer Park
State College, May 2021

Lederer Park
State College, September 27, 2020

Video Game Music
Boalsburg and Millheim, February 8 and 9, 2020

Fluxus Pieces
State College, November 15, 2019

International Spacestation, 2061
Centre Hall, September 28, 2019

Centre Hall, September 22, 2018

Centre Hall, May 5, 2018

Card Game Pieces
State College, March 18, 2018

Fear and Misery in the Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht
Millheim and State College, December 2017

Rainforest by David Tudor
Centre Hall, September 2017

New Graphic Scores
Bellefonte Art Museum, April 2017

Our Sense of the Real, Part 2
The State Theatre / Bremen Town Ballroom, March 2017

How Open?
Webster’s Bookstore, November 2016