ballroom sonics

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th, 2022 | 1:00pm
$20 Entry

A full day of experimental music, food + drink, choice DJ cuts, and community at the Bremen Town Ballroom in Millheim, PA! After a 2-year hiatus, Ballroom Sonics is back with an incredible line-up of performers from in and around Pennsylvania. Scroll down for more on the artists —

Adam Bugaj – dreamy, beat-based psych jams from central PA

Bri Wiegand – DIY amplified experimental vibraphone from central PA

Bubba Crumrine – experimental cantor music from Ithaca, NY

Prime Loiter – mutating sound collage from central PA

Guillermo Pizarro – restrained and textured noise from eastern PA

Banjoglyph – psych-trad banjo jams from central PA

Chunyuan Di – traditional and non-traditional hammered dulcimer

casualsalad – maximal drone noise from Brooklyn

Moth Bucket – electroacoustic free improv mayhem from central PA

Jen Kutler – homemade instruments and bodily responses sonified from Ithaca, NY

J Hamilton Isaacs – dense modular compositions from Philadelphia

Luisa Mei – MIDI mayhem from central PA

The Relatives – free jazz explosion from Philadelphia/NYC

Bison Squad – heavy electronics from Harrisburg, PA